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Marco Castro Pino Baby Shower Virtual Íñigo ¡Familia y amigos estamos felices con la llegada de Íñigo! Les agradecemos de antemano todo su cariño puesto en cada detalle que será de mucha utilidad durante el crecimiento de nuestro bebé.


Wawa Pima is a Peruvian brand of baby clothes made of 100% pima cotton. Cute designs, excellent finishing and very soft cotton make the garment unique and your baby look beautiful.
For us, the healthy development and comfort of your baby is fundamental, that is why our team works every day in provide the best product in children's fashion, quality and every detail is made with love as all mom knows how to do.
We are also very proud of our Peruvian pima cotton, internationally recognized and for being the best in the world. world, its brilliance and its unsurpassed softness make Wawa Pima offer high quality products for your baby.