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Buying in our virtual store is very easy and safe, just follow the following steps:

  • • Browse our virtual store and choose the product that you like the most.
  • • Select the button with the shopping cart icon and choose an amount to add the product to your shopping cart.
  • • Follow the previous step until you complete the products you want to buy.
  • • At the top you will see the products you have added in real time and you will be able to see more information by clicking on the button "SHOW CAR".
  • • You will be shown all the products added to your cart and you can delete, decrease or increase the quantity of the product. Also, on the right side you will be able to view the price summary of your purchase.
  • • After validating your cart you can click on the button "START SHOPPING", which will lead you to complete the purchase details.
  • • The data required to complete your purchase are:

    • 1. Personal information: You must log in with an existing account or you can quickly register with your facebook or email. Then, you must choose a shipping and billing address.
    • 2. Shipping method: You must choose a shipping method available for the products added to your cart.
    • 3. Payment method: You must choose a payment method available on the platform (credit, debit or PayPal cards).
    • 4. Order confirmation: You will be shown the summary of your purchase and, if you have the correct data, you can apply a coupon on the right side (Price summary).
  • • Then, you must click on the button "PAY NOW" to start the payment gateway and make the corresponding payment.
  • • Finally, your order will begin the dispatch process and you will be informed by email about the payment made on our platform.

Remember that your order will be dispatched according to the chosen shipping method and the time indicated by the platform will be respected.

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