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Terms and conditions of use

It is the set of mandatory rules for people who purchase products in our Wawa Pima Online store, as well as the procedures in cases of returns and / or claims. The variation of the "TERMS AND CONDITIONS", will be valid from the publication in our "VIRTUAL CHANNEL", therefore, "THE CUSTOMER" must review them for each purchase made.
We are respectful of fulfilling our duties of FITNESS in our service, therefore, in case of doubts about the products offered in our online store, proceed to communicate with us in order to clear up any doubts and / or claims to the email; After that we will contact you as soon as possible to address your concern or claim.

Payment methods

They are those payment methods allowed by Peruvian regulations and described in this document, which allow the acquisition of products offered in our Wawa Pima Online store: Transactions are made in Peruvian National Currency (Soles).

Payment vouchers

Product purchases are supported by the "PAYMENT PROOFS" established by law. Under no circumstances will changes be made to "PAYMENT PROOF", so "THE CUSTOMER" must consign his order for the type of payment receipt correctly.

Acceptance and consent

It is the manifestation of will on the part of "THE CUSTOMER", who submits and accepts all the terms and conditions for the mere fact of making a purchase in our Wawa Pima Online store: The validation of the transaction will be considered as such after "WAWA PIMA" performs the respective verifications and informs "THE CUSTOMER" by email about the existence of a valid purchase.

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